Thursday, August 7, 2008

My conception

The time-line is a bit scetchy so bare with me. After spending a semester vanquishing college money on drugs, my parents decided to go to FL to continue going no where fast. When my dad wasn't working at the Playboy club or getting high, he spent his free time beating my mom. When the money ran out, and my mom realized she was pregnant with me, they both moved back up to NJ. My dad beat my mom and punched her in the stomach. He frequently encouraged her to get an abortion, along with everyone else that my mom knew.

On March 8, 19787, I was thrust into the world. My childhood would be tumultuous and scary, and often filled with endless bouts of depression. In hopes of finding a safe refuge, my mom moved with me to live with my grandparents. My dad soon realized that I would be a effective pawn in his games of manipulation, he wasn't going to let me slip out of his hands. He and my aunt promptly e to my grandma's pulled over and took me out of the stroller. My grandma flayed herself into the middle of the road screaming.

Knowing he couldn't handle me by myself, my dad reunited with my mom. They decided to move to VA where they found project housing that my aunt was living in.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Before my birth part 1.

My dad is a classic case of wasted talent. He got second in state in wrestling. He was a very talented boxer and an extreemely good looking young man. He had everything going for him. He decided to party after high school, pretend to be a gangster, get sent to prison and eventually go to college at Ramapo to study... um use drugs with his financial aid money.

My mom grew up in what seemed like the perfect middle class oasis, with both parents being two teachers nestles in the small town of West Caldwell in northern NJ. She went to Ramapo the same year as my dad. She went there to study, but decided to follow his lead.

Needless to say, they both lasted about a semester...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I wanted to create a blog that through the collective conscience of various readers, attempts to find the meaning of life. On this blog, I will first be selfish by telling you my life story. A brief history of my parents pre-birth, and everything that happened from my birth to the present.

This sounds incredibly self-serving and egotistical, and it is. But it give the reader a perspective (and possibly a prejudice) based on my own experience. For instance, it is very easy for someone who is a socially liberal passivist to tell me I am part of the problem because I joined the military. If they understood my desperate financial situation they may become less judgemental.